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Ho Ho Ho, the jolly fat man is gearing up again for another magical Christmas, and we here at TCCA are doing the same. While we have our small monthly donation drives and larger quarterly raffles, the Christmas giveaways we always put the extra effort in to thank members for a great year, and 2015 is no exception. Please refer to the files and pinned post section for giveaway Rules and Regs, but below is the general outline.

This year I've searched far and wide for a good selection of prizes to cover different collectors tastes. So let's have a look at the major Prizes on offer.

DX09 Carry (Rodimus Prime) and DX09 Tyrant (Galvatron). This is a combined prize, both figures are minty fresh in box, direct from our aussie Retailers

Masterpiece MP29 Takara Shockwave. Note* this item is currently on pre order, Figure will be shipped to winner as soon as it's released locally. G1 Takara reissue Skylinx. Figure is a genuine Takara Reissue, box is perfect and sealed

Masterpiece Mp28 Hotrod. Note* this item is currently on pre order, Figure will be shipped to winner as soon as it's released locally.

Masterpiece MP25 Tracks. Note* this item is currently on pre order, Figure will be shipped to winner as soon as it's released locally.

Masterpiece MP21-G gold Bumblebee. Kindly donated by Just Bots Transformers: The Covenant of Primus. Kindly donated by Pleasant Surprises, in Diamond Ck, Melbourne. Written by Justina Robinson, this 176 page is a companion novel to the so-called Aligned continuity of the Transformers franchise, which includes the Transformers: Prime animated series. It also comes in a great Autobot Faction a Symbol case that can be wall mounted.

And the big one, G1 Takara Reissue Fortress Maximus. This is a official reissue of the biggest Citybot and a must for any collection. But please note, because of the cost to acquire and ship this big figure, it will only be available as a prize if our goal of 400 tickets are sold. If that sales goal is not meet figure will be held for a future donation drive.

There will also be several smaller prizes given as entrance prizes which include Combiner Wars Legendsamd RID 2015 Delixe figures donated by Premium Collectables and a couple of Takara Transformers Go figures donated by J2Oz Toys. Buy 1 ticket or 10, your name will go in the hat for one of these smaller figures

Entry will be the same as always, ticket price is $5 per ticket, and payment can be sent via PayPal to: transformerscca@gmail.com or a direct deposit can be made just pm me for details.

Whichever method of payment you desire to make, please DO NOT put "raffle" in the comments section. Please put your screen name, email address and contact number in the comments section. (Please refer to Giveaway rules and regs in TCCA file section for further details). Because of the prize size we are required by law to supply ticket purchasers with their physical tickets. Upon payment being received we will contact purchasers to organise postage of tickets.

The Giveaway will run for November and two weeks into December. Last ticket purchases will be Midnight, December 15th 2015, and the draw will happen on Wednesday 16th December at 7pm AEDST. Prizes that are not on pre order will be shipped the following day and hopefully arrive under winners Christmas trees before Christmas Eve. As each winner is announced they will have first pick of a desired prize, 2nd gets 2nd pick and so on until prizes are gone. Winners will be called via supplied contact number when their name is drawn so please have your phone handy on that evening. Again all the giveaway rules and regs are in the Tcca File section for your reference. This giveaway will fund our 2016 con tour including Supanova Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide as well as comic con Sydney to name a few. These giveaways are the lifeblood of the club, and we can never thank you enough for your continued support.

Brad Oztron Prime TCCA Club President