ATW Ep 115, 14th July 2017

July 18th, 2017

This week we have more Takara Legends figures on the way, G1 Predaking is hitting the shelves again and theres some nice third party bots on the way


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Welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly, your first choice for transformers news in Australia

This is episode 115 Recorded live on 14th July, 2017

This week your hosts are:


00:06:11 Take Your Bot To Work Day
Take your bot to work day has been relaunched with a competition by TCCA. Each Wednesday in the TCCA Facebook group there’s a post for the week’s competition. Submit your “bot in the real world pic” for a chance to win some great prizes.

This week's winner is: Rob Kindleyside

00:10:17 G1 Predaking Reissue Preorder Listing

00:17:07 SDCC Exclusives Gift Set

00:25:56 Takara Legends Bumblebee, Slugslinger, Perceptor, And Octane New Images

00:31:54 X-Transbots Masterpiece-Styled Stunticons – Flipout (Wildrider) and Crackup (Breakdown) – Renders and Prototype

00:35:21 Open Play Spring unofficial Springer figure final release shots.

00:47:14 Unique Toys Palm Series – New Grey Prototypes Revealed

00:52:26 Transformers: The Last Knight Concept Art – Canopy, Drift, Mohawk And More

01:05:20 Transformers: The Last Knight Third Weekend Final Numbers

01:09:05 Transformers: The Last Knight Limited Edition Score 2-CD Set At La La Land Records

Jason: Magna Convoy, Dirge, Backland, Brawny
Mikey: TR Broadside, MP Legendary Leader Convoy & FT Scoria

-Congratulations to Brad Towner For winning the 2500 member giveaway. We had 284 Members participate, our biggest yet. I caved and also gave away a set of g1 playing cards to Adam Bolt and Duy Hua. Congrats guys.

-Nerdmania is next weekend.

-Membership Fees now due. Check the link below for full details. Members only giveaway in August

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