Transformers Legends Ep 001, 30th July 2017

July 31st, 2017

On this the very first of our new show Transformers Legends were we check out the titles of some new RID episodes, Turbo changers are appearing in stores and we check out whats to come in Power of The Primes.

show notes

Intro (added In Post)


Hello and welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly’s Junior Edition, your one stop shop for Transformers News for the next Generation


This is Episode 001, Recorded Live Sunday 30th July.








00:01:14 Show Premise and layout

The aim of ATWJ is to report on news from across the franchise that's suited more for the younger collectors and not regularly reported in the main show.

The format will remain similar to the regular show, but will be cut down to about 20 minutes, depending on amount of news to discuss.

At this stage it's not set to be a weekly show, but maybe every fortnight, depends on what news comes out that week.



00:02:20 Transformers: Robots In Disguise – Summaries For Episodes 15, 16, And 17


00:03:20 Transformers: The Last Knight 1-Step Turbo Changers 6-Pack Found In Chile


00:04:27 Transformers: The Last Knight Official Stock Photos Of 1-Step Turbo Changer Cogman, Drift And Scorn


00:06:43 Robots in Disguise Custom Kreons Collection 2


00:08:18 Prototype Images from Alien Attack Toys – STF-01 Firage (Masterpiece-Styled Dark of the Moon Dino)


00:09:41 San Diego Comic Con 2017 – Additional Leader Dragonstorm Images


00:11:30 Power of the Primes leaked images

00:15:21 NEW TOYS!

TLK Barracade and Berserker, legends ground pound.



thank you for listening to this Episode of Australian Transformers Weekly Junior Edition. Please come back next time where we once again discuss the meekly Transformers News from a young collectors Prospective.

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