Transformers Legends Ep 002, 06th Aug 2017

August 6th, 2017

We are back for week 2, and this time we have some nice concept art to look at, Die cast optimus prime and Hasbros Media plans for the next two years.

Show Notes:

Intro (added In Post)

Hello and welcome to Transformers Legends, the pite sized podcast covering Hasbro News and releases from across Australia.

This is Episode 002, Recorded Live Sunday 6th August.


00:01:13 Hasbro Reveals New Animated Series – Transformers: Cyberverse

00:03:17 Hasbro Confirms An Animated Transformers Theatrical Feature Film

00:04:27 New Images Of Takara Tomy Transformers: The Last Knight Deluxe Class And Speed Change Toys

00:08:11 Transformers: The Last Knight Leader Dragonstorm, Deluxe Crosshairs And Strafe New/Larger Stock Photos

00:09:41 Possible 1/64 Jada Toys The Last Knight Optimus Prime With Trailer

00:11:17 In-Hand Images Of Takara MB-EX Laserbeak (Dark Of The Moon Pink Bumblebee)

00:12:39 Transformers: The Last Knight Dancing Autobot Sqweeks Available At Retail

00:13:30 Transformers: The Last Knight New Unused Snake Concept Art By Furio Tedeschi

00:14:46 Transformers: The Last Knight Guardian Knight Concept Art

00:15:27 Josh Nizzi Transformers: The Last Knight WWII Hot Rod Concept Art

00:16:32 Josh Nizzi Transformers: The Last Knight Concept Art

00:17:31 John Cena Joins Transformers: Bumblebee, Plot Details And New Release Date Announced


00:18:40 OUTRO
thank you for listening to this Episode of Transformers Legends. Please come back next time where we once again discuss the weekly Transformers News from a young collectors Prospective.
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