ATW Ep 166, 21th Sep 2018

September 25th, 2018

Welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly, bringing you transformers news from around the world.

This is episode 166,  we are recording live on September 21th, 2018

In this episode we’ll be talking about

  • Our first look at movie masterpiece Bumblebee;
  • There’s life in the old girl yet! Mp-10 might be getting yet another re paint and release;
  • And we’ll have a chat about some third party combiners
  • All that and more coming up after this.


Cut to Intro:

Opening credits (8bit Transformers Theme)

What have you been up to this week?

00:04:15 Bot Shots Weekly

The weekly TCCA Facebook photography competition

Bot Shots Weekly encourages you to take your bots out of their cabinets and into the great big wide world outside for photos!

  • Weekly winners go into a monthly draw for a prize.
  • Monthly winners go into a hat for a yearly prize!
  • Full T’s n C’s are on the web site at

This weeks winner is: Tyson Richards.

Last weeks winner was Alan Jones.

Comp Post:



00:05:42 First Look At Masterpiece Movie MPM-07 Movie Bumblebee

00:19:59 Potential Ghostbusters and MP-10 Optimus Prime Crossover Figure

  • Listed on and picked up by a as an exhibition exclusive
  • Also shown: Encore Graphy, Noise, and Frenzy

00:26:05 New Transformers Siege Poster

(still no Con reveals - Hasbro is at Paris Comic Con next week, think we’ll see something new?)

Other news

00:28:48 Comparison images between Unique toys and Zeta toys Bruticus

00:39:15 Fans Toys Phoenix TF-10X Metallic Paint Limited Version (Masterpiece Scaled G1 Cartoon Skyfire/Jetfire)

00:42:03 Unique Toys Movie Optimus Prime



Thank you Alan in the group for the question, his frustrated trying to find combiner limbs for abominus.

  • At what point as collectors do you still use local retail
  • Anyone found all the dinobots yet?


Brad: nil

Jason: cheetors, insecticons

Max: POTP Sinnertwin, Blot, and Rippersnapper. Signed issue of Lost Light #1 courtesy of Jason.


-birthday events have been posted up for qld and wa members. Check out the details on the group and site now for more info

-The club will be at the Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair on Labour Day Monday Oct 1. Come round and say hi! Any help with the stall would be really appreciated.


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  • That’s all from us, we’ll be back with more Transformers news next week.


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