ATW Episode 101 - 199, Yep The Clip Show 17th Sep 2019

September 17th, 2019

Welcome to Australian Transformers Weekly, this week not bringing you transformers news from around the world.


Tonight something special, before we record our 200th episode I’ll will be taking a walk down memory lane. 


In this episode we’ll be looking back on...

  • A Lamp to light our darkest hour? 
  • Dx9 Dutch and collecting smaller figures, 
  • And the hilarity that was Titans Return Volcanicus.
  • All this and more coming up.

Cut to Intro: 

Opening credits (8bit Transformers Theme)


First up we go all the way back to episode 101. We had just relaunched the podcast after the first 100 episodes of Off The Shelf. With all the ho ha currently over the haslab Unicron, two years ago another Unicron was getting our interest.

00:01:16 (Ep101, 31st March 2017)New In-Hand Images of Generation 1 Unicron Lamp


Next we fast forward to An article posted In the lead up to The Last Knight. And we get some info on a new character, not sure if any of it made a difference in the film, but it was Hod Rod and he has a sweet weapon. 

00:04:58 (Ep 105, 29th April 2019) Entertainment Weekly – Complete Article On Transformers: The Last Knight Hot Rod

Article Breakdown

  • Described as a covert agent
  • Hot Rod has secretly been serving as Hopkins daughter characters protector in the guise of her father’s 1963 Citroën DS.
  • It’s a rickety old car, but she can’t part with it because she adores it
  • Working in secret for Anthony Hopkins character. So presumably no connection to autobot team.
  • Currently no voice actor attached, production looking for a forensic accent.
  • Fans claim hot rod had voice in fan event screening but may be re recorded prior to films release.

SDCC IN 2017 showed us some nice figures on the way, but one got our attention straight away. 

00:09:50 (Ep 114, 7th July 2017) Toys R Us San Diego Comic Con 2017 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Announced


With combiner wars over, we had thought so was the toy line. But then came the dinobots, and thier combining form Volcanicus. It was the butt of many jokes for episodes to come. 

00:11:52 (Ep 122, 8th Sep 2017 Dinobot combiner Volcanicus shown. 


Machina’s second attempt at a adult cartoon series failed and we reported each week on the trainwreck as it unfolded.  Returning not to November in 2017 and episode 3’s recap of the show.

00:27:05 (Ep 132, 24th Nov 2017) Machinima’s Transformers: Titans Return Episode 3 Available Online

After losing my job in March of 2018 my collecting preferences changed big time and I started going for the smaller war in pocket styled figures. My first entry was dx9 Dutch, a small g1 cartoon accurate Optimus Prime. Here’s our thoughts when the first images of him were released.

00:41:24 (Ep 148, 6th April 2018) DX9 Dutch (Legends Scaled G1 Optimus Prime) Color Prototype Gallery


Continuing the Optimus Prime theme, at the end of 2018 with the new mp prime

V3 announced the third parties decided to make their own, and arguably the best in that battle and some say better then the official was Magic Square and thier MS01 Optimus Prime.


00:45:01 (Ep 173, 23rd Nov 2018) Magic Square Toys MS-01 Masterpiece Scaled G1 Optimus Prime Color Prototype


While we report on lot of news, we also have deep discussions and one from way back in Episode 101 was a special one. We answered the question, do you spend more on figures then your displays?

00:52:35 (Ep 101, 31st March 2017) Do you spend a lot of money on your collection and not a lot of money on your display?

And lastly before we end out the show the mini bots theme continues with New Acquisitions and Clip Show Inception. In this case it was the dx9 war in pocket dinobots. 

00:59:39 (Ep 148, 6th April 2018) Clip show in a clip show. Dx9 dinobots 



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